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Stripping Gears
The main reason for stripping gears is the incorrect gear mesh which is The relationship between the primary drive gear (pinion or clutchbell) and the secondary drive gear (spur gear). A tight gear mesh (the spur cannot 'wiggle' when installed) has too much friction and will cause the motor or engine to work too hard and could melt the spur gear from the friction. A loose gear mesh (the spur can move significantly) will probably cause the pinion gear to strip the spur gear, ruining the spur gear.

To set a proper gear mesh on electric cars, use a small piece of normal notebook or copier paper and put it in between the pinion and spur, and tighten the motor onto the motor mount. Remove the paper, and that is how much gear mesh you should have. For Nitro cars, you can get away with a little bit looser gear mesh than on electric cars because the gear teeth are much larger. Use the same technique described above, but fold the paper once before you put it in between the gears.

The 2nd reason for stripping gears is when small stones get caught between the gears. Once this happens you will notice that teeth will have small chunks taken out of them. If this happens too often the plastic gear will eventually give up and you will strip the rest of the teeth on the gear. The solution to the stone problem is to seal up the bottom of the Buggy to prevent stones from entering. Why is there a hole there then you ask. It is to adjust the clutch for two speed cars. If your car/buggy/truck does not come with the plastic bit to cover the gear hole, then use a bit of plastic from an ice cream container. Simply cut to size and drill 4 holes as required to match.

I have been asked a lot about getting a metal 2 speed gear box over the past couple of years and normally reply via email however I should just respond here. The problem we have is that no one makes the 1st gear (is part 06032) in metal :( I wish they would as we would sell 1000's.

If you find you are only stripping the 2nd gear (part 06033) then there is a metal gear from a different model which is a direct fit :)

But what if you continue to strip your 1st gear. One solution is to go back to a single speed gearbox by modding your current 2 speed gearbox to take a 1/8 metal gear. The mod is not cheap and total cost is around $60. You replace your clutch bell with a 1/8 metal clutch bell . In the 2 speed gearbox you replace the two nylon gears with . The tricky part is to engage the gear. To do this we modify and bend the so the little metal tab is our and it is always engaged (normally this engages the 2nd gear). Then you please a couple of screws and nuts through the 81019 metal gear which allows the 02045 clutch to grab the gear.

Hopefully from the photos you can see how the screws and nuts are put through the 81019 metal gear and how the 02045 clutch engages these nuts. The easy way to get the 02045 to engage is to remove the offset grub screw, spring and ball from teh 02045 and therefore the little metal arm is thrown out automatically as soon as the gear rotates.