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06032/06232 & 06033 Metal warhead gears 1st  & 2nd (47T/42T)
02040 metal gear and 02041 metal gear can be replaced by the 06232 metal gear and 06033 metal gear

The 1:10 HSP nitro buggy and 1:10 HSP nitro car are very similar in that they both use a 2 speed gearbox. The only difference is that the car gearbox uses 2 smaller gears being a 39T and 44T gear whereas the buggy uses a 42T and 47T gear. What this means in performance is that the car will accelerate slower than the buggy BUT have a higher top speed. Why different gearboxes, well the car has smaller wheels than the buggy, so technically both the car and buggy have approximately the same top speed.

In terms of parts numbers the car uses a 02076 gearbox made up of the 02040 and 02041 gears. The buggy uses a 06034 gearbox made up of the 06032 (also known as 06232) and 06033 gears. The gearbox outer shell for both car and buggy is the same (part 02005), which means you can put any gearbox in any car or buggy. However you cannot mix and match the gears, for instance you can either have the 02040/02041 or 06032/06033 combination, but you cannot have a 02040/06033 combination as this would not mesh with the double gear clutch bell (part 02023).

The great news is that we now have 06032 and 06033 metal gears which can be used for car or buggy. We do not have 02040 and 02041 metal gears so please don’t ask. So for the buggy users, just put the gear straight in to your gearbox and off you go. For the car users, the only change is that you have to move the engine to the right a little in order to allow for the slightly bigger metal gears.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do have a car and you wish to use these metal gears then please note you will also have to order the 06267 OWB as the car uses a slightly different OWB part 02067 which is the same bearing put not pressed into a hex outer casing.

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